13, Buddy Cecil

Division: UCar Name: Buddy Cecil Age: 26 Hometown: Lancaster SC Car#: 13 Years In Racing: 20 Car Owner: Buddy Cecil Crew Members: Rooster Outlaw, Michael Outlaw, Big Mike, Adam, Dead eye, Justin, Odie Sponsors: Studio 21 Hair Salon in fort lawn sc Family: Heather the wife, jackie the mom, rooster the dad, chicken the brother [...]

64, Morgan Parker

Division: UCar Name: Morgan Parker Age: 29 Hometown: Winnsboro S/C Car#: 64 Years In Racing: 1st Car Owner: Morgan & Kim Parker Crew Members: Kim Parker, Rodger Windham, Chris Windham, Chris Darner, Jermey Gattes, Lil Wes, Olen Rodger Sponsors: Pet Shack, RFM Construction, www.redbank803.com,SKS Family: WIFE: Kim Parker KIDS: Alexis (AJ) Bentley (Lil Ben) Hannah [...]

37, Tyler Bennett

Division: UCar Name: tyler bennett Age: 16 Hometown: rock hill Car#: 37 Years In Racing: 1 Car Owner: michael and teresa bennett Crew Members: michael bennett-owner teresa bennett-owner oscar tucker- crew chief Sponsors: auto pros-rock hill sc bennett-racing Family: michael bennett-father teresa bennett-mother cody dozier-brother alisha bennett-sister chyna dozier-sister Job Info: n/a Racing Accomplishments: 5th [...]

19, Shorty Lacey

Division: UCar Name: shorty Age: 38 Hometown: york s.c. Car#: 19&19.2 Years In Racing: 28 years Car Owner: reid t. racing Crew Members: tony.c michael.t lil michael dylan.l mr.b t.j. michael.b Sponsors: carolina cargo, millers salvage, mike efaws siding by the best,affordable auto ,browns performance fab,butch’s plumbing Family: wife paula, kids michael, dylan Job Info: [...]

71c, William Cato

Drivers Profile: Division: UCar Name: William Cato Age: 13 Hometown: Blackstock Car#: 71c Years In Racing: 1 Car Owner: Franklin Roof Crew Members: Franklin Roof Sponsors: Wild River Outfitters FHTM Carolina Stone and Landscaping Family: Holly Roof Franklin Roof Chuck Cato Grady Guy Pat Guy Job Info: none Racing Accomplishments: win

91, David “Porkchop” Motes

Drivers Profile: Division: UCar Name: David Motes Age: 32 Hometown: Fort Mill Car#: 91 Years In Racing: 20 But this is the first year driving (2012) Car Owner: David & April Motes Crew Members:  April Motes, Alex Motes Sponsors: C & C Tire of Kershaw SC, Sun City Automotive of Fort Mill SC Family: April Motes [...]

71, Frank Roof

Drivers Profile: Division: UCar Name: Frank Roof Age: 40 Hometown: Blackstock Car#: 71 Years In Racing: 12 Car Owner: Frank Roof Crew Members: mike bennett teresa bennett holly roof tony roof Sponsors: Wild River Outfitters FHTM Carolina Stone and Landscaping Family: Holly Roof Will Cato Job Info: CEO @ FHTM Independant rep. Racing Accomplishments: Win [...]